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Released August 16, 2005


1. Your Sword Versus My Dagger
2. Smile In Your Sleep
3. The Ides of March
4. Fist Wrapped in Blood
5. Discovering the Waterfront
6. Defend You
7. My Heroine
8. Always and Never
9. Already Dead
10. Three Hours Back
11. Call it Karma



Cameron Webb – producer, engineer, mixing
Sergio Chavez, Steve Genewick, David Fricks – additional engineering
Scott Komer, Cory Gash – pre-production recording
Brian Gardner – mastering
Mike Fasano – drum tech
Paul Koehler, Silverstein – art direction
Martin Wittfooth – artwork
Gordie Ball – photo
Doublej – layout


Additional musicians
Sean Mackin – string arrangement, violin
Rodney Wirtz – violin, viola, cello
Curtis Mathewson – mellotron, synths on "My Heroine"
Shane Told – guitars on "Fist Wrapped in Blood", "My Heroine" and "Call It Karma"
Billy Hamilton – additional vocals on "Smile in Your Sleep", "Discovering the Waterfront", "Defend You" and "Three Hours Back"
Silverstein, Gohan and Chris, Julia, Cameron Webb, Nick Over It and his buddy Ryan – group vocals