Released April 12th, 2019


1. Smashed Into Pieces
2. Smile In Your Sleep
3. American Dream
4. Bleeds No More
5. My Heroine
6. Vices
7. Your Sword vs My Dagger
8. If You Could See Into My Soul
9. Giving Up
10. Still Dreaming (Acoustic)
11. Red Light Pledge
12. Call It Karma


    Recorded at Union Sound Company and Room 21 Sound (Aug-Oct 2018 in Toronto, Canada)
    Produced by Sam Guaiana
    Engineered by Sam Guaiana and Kyle Marchant
    Mixed by Sam Guaiana
    Mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet
    Violin, Mellotron and Cello by Mike Tompa
    Lead guitar on American Dream by Chris Schembri
    Drum Tech: Jordan Gauthier
    Artwork by: Lukas Krol
    Layout by: Danny Murrietta
    Photography: Larry Wentworth


    RUST OR DECAY (#1) - Limited to 150
    Orange Crush w/ Silver heavy splatter

    TIDAL WAVE (#2) - Limited to 850
    Royal Blue/Black galaxy

    GO TRAIN (#3) - Limited to 250
    Olive Green in White opaque "color in color"

    HOUSE FIRE (#4) - Limited to 250
    Ultra-clear w/ Black smoke

    EUROPE EXCLUSIVE (#5) - Limited to 300
    White w/ Black splatter

    TOUR PRESS (#6) - Limited to 500
    White opaque

    RE-PRESS (#7) - Limited to 1000
    Half & Half w/ Mint, Black